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Calgary, AB foundation repair!

This Calgary, AB customer contacted us because her foundation walls were bowing (curving inwards). Bowing is caused by excessive pressure from soil and water, and can potentially cause your foundation to collapse! When asked, she said she has known about her bowing walls for about 10 years, but only decided it was time to get it fixed once her walls started leaking as well as bowing. Our crews installed a waterproofing system which includes our CleanSpace® vapor barrier, our WaterGuard® below-floor drain, and a SuperSump® sump pump. This solved all her waterproofing problems, and for the bowing walls, we installed our PowerBrace foundation wall repair system. This will stabilize these bowing walls and can potentially straighten them out!

WaterGuard® installed to stop foundation footing flooding in Calgary AB

This customer contacted us online and told us that he was worried because water was entering his basement from between the floor and the wall, but he wasn't 100% sure. He mentioned that the water could be coming in from the windows or the extension that they added onto their home. We sent a System Design Specialist to go and determine what was causing the water to enter the basement.  He determined that the water was in fact coming from the foundation footing (between the floor and the wall). The solution was to install a WaterGuard® below-floor drain and a Sump Pump to pump the water out. Once that was installed, this customer did not have to worry about water entering his basement anymore!

Crawlspace repair in NW Calgary, AB

This customer contacted us because he noticed that his floor was sagging in some places in their recently purchased Calgary, AB home. Our system design specialist went to check it out and noticed that the settlement in his home was caused by inadequate support in his crawlspace. When the customer heard that the crawlspace was the problem, he said that he wanted it encapsulated so he can gain some more storage space as well. We installed our SmartJack® crawlspace support system. It provides solid support to stabilize and straighten sagging floors. To encapsulate it we used our CleanSpace® vapor barrier. Is 100% waterproof and prevents humidity from making its way into the space while also covering the dirt and rock making it a clean storage space.

Waterguard installation in Calgary

These homeowners have a tunnel underground in their home that connects their home to their garage. They were experiencing water pooling, so they contacted us. We installed a sump pump, CleanSpace and our WaterGuard! 

Crack repair with CarbonArmor® in Calgary AB

This customer has a large crack in their foundation wall. It runs from the corner of the window down, and has a very high potential of leaking. Due to the length and width of this crack, reinforcement is also necessary. Our crews installed our CarbonArmor® wall crack repair kit. This will seal and reinforce the crack so this Calgary, AB homeowner does not need to worry about it any longer!

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