Doug Lacey's Basement Systems Case Studies: Service on Sump Pump in Delacour, AB

Monday, November 19th, 2018 by Natasha Biggs


A home in Calgary, AB had a sump pump installed by us and knows the importance of having the system serviced annually to prevent future flooding and water damage. With the date approaching of the yearly maintenance, this homewoner contacted Doug Lacey's Basement Systems to set up a service appointment.



One of our highly trained and knowledgeable service technicians went out to perform the maintenance. The serviceman changed out the check valve and nine volt battery, vacuumed out all of the sediment and silt that was built up within the basin then they flood tested the entire system to ensure it was all working properly.

The Service Technician noticed that the pump needed to be replaced so while he was there he informed the homeowner and he confirmed the go ahead. Now the pump is ready to work against any water that may enter this pumps basin!

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