Doug Lacey's Basement Systems Case Studies: Foundation Crack Repaired in Duchess, AB

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018 by Natasha Biggs


This homeowner in Duchess, Alberta contacted us in regards to a leaking crack in their basement foundation. Cracks in foundation walls are common in homes throughout Alberta. Usually a side effect of the natural curing process of concrete. In search of the best solution to repair the foundation crack, she contacted us for expert advise.



An appointment was arranged for one of our System Design Specialists to visit the home, assess the situation and provide the homeowners with a FREE, no obligation quote. The foundation crack was then repaired by our Service Team utilizing a Polyurethane Resin injection, followed by reinforcing the crack with CarbonArmor®, a series of strips across the crack significantly improving the overall stability of the wall. 

This homeowner is now relieved that they contacted us and their foundation crack repair is done!

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