Doug Lacey's Basement Systems Case Studies: Encapsulating a Crawl Space in Calgary, AB

Friday, May 12th, 2017 by Jonas Murphy


This family home located in Temple NE Calgary had the same owners for the past 30 years.  The home has a finished basement level as well as a 700sqft crawlspace that was used for temporary storage.  Over the years the crawlspace continued to get in worse and worse shape.  The concrete floor would heave and buckle during the spring time and after heavy rains.  There was also a very high volume of efflorescence that would deposit itself on top of the concrete floor.  The homeowner would find himself crawling around and vacuuming up the mess a few times each year.  Personal storage items would get that “musty” crawlspace smell and a few items needed to be discarded due to mold growth.  The homeowners got used to the damp smell coming from the crawlspace and would only notice when their adult children would come to visit and comment on it.  When the owners decided it was finally time to downsize and get their property listed for sale they reached out to a couple realtors for initial inspections.  The homeowner told us there was a couple instances where they were interviewing agents and everything was going well until they opened the hatchway to the crawlspace.  It quickly became very clear that they would have to deal with this crawlspace issue once and for all.

Doug Lacey's Basement Systems was hired to address all these issues.


Basement Systems delivered on all counts. The crawlspace, once a damp, musty and dirty space was transformed into a clean, dry and warm area and the water seepage issues were completely resolved. The concrete crawlspace floor that had heaved was jack hammered out and removed.  The remaining floor was leveled and the Basement Systems patented CleanSpace® crawlspace encapsulation was installed. A SmartSump™ sump pump system complete with lateral drainage lines was also installed to relieve the water pressure under the slab. 

Here's what our customer had to say:
"It certainly looks a lot cleaner down there, and the musty smell has gone away.  We are now able to get the house listed for sale."

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Project Summary

System Design Specialist: Jonas Murphy

Project Foreman: Raymond Turner

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