Winter Melt

Friday, January 20th, 2017 by Neil McElmon

Winter Melt

We here in Alberta are no stranger to large fluctuations in temperature due to naturally occurring Chinook Winds.
And yes, many of us proud Albertans have had many a laugh at the expense of actor Leonardo DiCaprio due to his misinterpretation of these Chinook Winds. Read more:

But when the Chinooks arrive, and the snow starts melting, what next? Where does all of that moisture go?
Well quite simply, it heads towards YOUR basement. Your home, you see, is built on a porous concrete foundation which contains man-made joints and sits within a hole in the ground. The hole where your home sits has reduced the natural integrity of the original ground surrounding it, which now has created a path of least resistance. Now take all of that snow melting, it saturates the ground surrounding your home creating whats called "Hydro-static Pressure" or water pressure. With rapidly changing temperatures that occur with Chinooks or even in spring, this pressure can cause your basement to leak as the pressure finds it way through the porous concrete walls, floor slabs, and even tiny cracks in foundation walls. Water pressure will always find a leaking point!

Even the best constructed exterior drainage systems will fail in time due to clogging or roots, so rather than trying to prevent the inevitable hydro-static pressure, Basement Systems has developed proven products and system designs to relieve the building pressure from the interior of the home. From WaterGuard® interior French drains, to wall drainage systems, as well as several levels of sump pump systems, we have a variety of preventative solutions to help protect your home!

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