Spring is in the Air!

Monday, March 27th, 2017 by Neil McElmon

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is finally here in Calgary and Southern Alberta!

With that usually comes spring cleaning and home renovation tasks. But how many home owners take Indoor Air Quality into consideration during this time? There are five levels of indoor air pollution danger with "dangerous gases” being the most serious. An in-depth detailed description of each of these five levels, along with informational videos, can be viewed here: Indoor Air Quality Services

We are very proud to offer a variety of solutions that cover the full range of the Indoor Air Quality spectrum.

Breathe EZ Air Cleaner : an electrically powered air cleaner that charges small and large particles and pulls them to its fiberglass media. Particles that enter the filter are given an electric charge that makes them "cling" to filter media that is charged in the opposite way. This dust-trapping technique can work very effectively with an open-weave filter media that doesn't restrict air flow through your unit, thus saving you money on energy bills! Breathe EZ is also infused with carbon strips that absorb odors and chemicals commonly found in your indoor air.

SaniDry™ dehumidifiers : Even a basement with an effective waterproofing system can still develop moisture and mold problems and may feel damp. Concrete walls and floors continually absorb moisture from the soil and release it into the air in your basement, and store bought dehumidifiers simply aren't strong enough to solve the problem. SaniDry™ dehumidifiers include a comprehensive, written warranty upon installation and installs with a powerful blowing motor that circulates dry air throughout the space, aggressively drying out your basement or crawl space. Collected water can be drained into a sump pump pit, a section of your perimeter drain, or away via a condensate pump.

Radon Gas Mitigation Systems: Radon gas mitigation systems are installed and designed to pull radon from within the home and expel it outside the house. A hole is drilled into the slab, crawl space, or surrounding earth to create a suction point (sometimes more than one suction point is needed). The radon gas is then vented through a PVC pipe that is connected to the hole to the exterior of the home. Each of our contractors are licensed to perform all radon services, and comply with all the radon gas industry's recommended practices to ensure the highest quality solutions have been provided.

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