Are Your Foundation Walls Cracking or Bowing?

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 by Neil McElmon

Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor System

Does your homes foundation walls show signs of damage? Have you noticed cracking, bowing or buckling in the walls?

The most common cause of damage to foundation walls comes from soil pressure outside of the wall. Moisture from rain and melting snow can cause the soils around the home to expand, putting large amounts of pressure on the foundation walls, causing them to crack or break.

But what can be done?

One traditional repair method is Wall Replacement which can be very expensive, highly disruptive, and will not likely address the problem meaning the new walls are very likely top bow and break again.

Our Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor System from Supportworks is a unique approach to immediately and permanently stabilizing you basement walls, as well as offering the best opportunity to straightening the walls over time. Utilizing heavy-duty galvanized earth anchors, wall plates and threaded galvanized steel rods, this system will immediately prevent any further movement in the wall.

Advantages/Key Features:

  • Work can be completed within one day in most cases
  • Minimal disturbance to your home and landscaping
  • Can straighten bowed walls over time in most cases
  • Can easily be hidden when finishing your basement
  • Restores property value
  • 25 year Manufacturer's Warranty

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