Get to Know Our Employees Sequel! Cari

Thursday, March 14th, 2019 by Natasha Biggs

Next in our Get to Know Our Employees Sequel is Cari!

 Get to Know Our Employees Sequel! Cari - Image 1

If you all were not aware, Cari is Doug Lacey’s daughter!

I started off the questionnaire the same as everyone else’ with:

What Department do you work in?

“I work with the Owner of the company as his assistant. I am also the Office Manager that deals with the employees and I make sure the tools and software are readily available for everyone to do their jobs correctly and efficiently!

How many homes/customers do you interact with on average a day?

“I deal more with the internal office then customers on a day to day basis. Sometimes when we are very busy on the phones I will help out with booking appointments.” Cari knows our booking software inside and out, she could book an appointment with her eyes closed!

What is your favorite product or service that we offer to help homeowners?

“I really like the Go-Pher Care, just making sure are customers are taken care of for life.” Go-Pher Care is a Lifetime of Confidence and Commitment with our Service Department. To make the necessary maintenance easier, we created Go-Pher Care-an easy, recurring monthly payment that covers your annual maintenance, adds a lifetime warranty to your installed systems and more!

What is one of the weirdest homes you have had to help?

“I got the opportunity to help out at a home in High River during the floods, I wouldn't say this was a weird home it was an experience. Seeing what the family had gone through, what they had lost, to what we were able to do for them was such an amazing experience.” 

What home did you help that gave you the greatest joy or pride after?

“I believe every home we help is a pride and joy of mine. Knowing that a customer had reached out to us with a problem and we were there to help them solve it is a huge accomplishment.” 

Cari has been with the Doug Lacey's Basement Systems team for a while! 15 years! She has extensive training, knowledge and experience with our company processes and products! She loves spending quality time with her family, her dogs and horses! We appreciate everything Cari has done and continues to do for all of us and the company!

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