Get to Know Our Employees Sequel! Martin

Thursday, March 28th, 2019 by Natasha Biggs


Get to Know Our Employees Sequel! Martin - Image 1

Next up in our Get to Know Our Employees Sequel I went to Martin who works in the Appointment Centre!

Still asking the same questions to every employee to get a different perspective from every department and individual!

How many homes/customers do you interact with on average a day?

"That all depends on the time of the year, as an example from March 2018 – September 2018 (Spring – Summer – Fall) we connected with almost 2,000 customers! To take what we do in the Appointment Center to the next level every call we receive to us is the only call of the day, this allows us to provide the highest level of customer service to each customer."

What is your favorite product or service that we offer to help homeowners? 

"That’s a good question as we have so many great products and services. If I was to choose one of each then for the service department our Gopher Care program stands out for me as a service that provides peace of mind to the client when it comes to reassuring them their equipment (i.e. sump pumps) will be serviced yearly, offering priority booking, and how our company stands behind our installations and we are with the home owner for the long run. As for a Product I would choose our radon mitigation system. Knowing how dangerous radon gas is we want to make sure the home owner and their family can breathe with ease for many years."

 What is one of the weirdest homes you have had to help?

 "To date I have not had a weirdest home per say, I’ve heard many stories about some of the homes we have visited, but nothing of a personal nature that I could share at the present time."

 What home did you help that gave you the greatest joy or pride after?

 "I do recall a home owner that needed assistance with her basement due to moisture coming in. The home owner was in the process of selling her home and with her husband having health issues it became too overwhelming for her and she cried on the phone, I spent 30 minutes listening and being empathetic to what the caller was going through. When the call ended I felt so good that we could be there for this home owner."

Martin has been a part of the Doug Lacey’s Basement Systems team for just over 1 year!

Martin is dedicated to helping every single person who calls into our office; he is also always willing to lend a helping hand when needed to others! We appreciate everything Martin does for and with the Doug Lacey's Basement Systems team. 

In Martin's spare time he loves to spend time with his family and dog, Quincy! He also loves listening to music, (he has a great record collection) watching movies, going for walks and playing tennis!

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