Get to Know Our Employees Sequel! Amanda

Thursday, April 4th, 2019 by Natasha Biggs

Next in our Get to Know Our Employees Sequel is Amanda!Get to Know Our Employees Sequel! Amanda - Image 1

Although we consider everyone who is a part of our team family, Amanda is tied into the family and she is Doug Lacey’s daughter-in-law!

I started off the questionnaire the same as everyone else’ with:

What Department do you work in?

“I am in the Appointment Centre but was in Production before.Amanda has worked in many departments here and has learned the ropes mainly in Production. She is a part of our Appointment Centre now. 

How many homes/customers do you interact with on average a day?

5-60 ranges daily"

What is your favorite product or service that we offer to help homeowners?

Polylevel it’s like Magic." Polylevel is the product we use to lift and level a driveway for example. 

What is one of the weirdest homes you have had to help?

“I don't really have one yet"

What home did you help that gave you the greatest joy or pride after?

"Any home that I can help a homeowner be happy with the outcome of is a win for me but my proudest moment was my very first Polylevel quote I had done for the University of Calgary. It was a pretty great feeling seeing a project from start to finish with no complications is a great feeling"

Amanda has been part of the Doug Lacey's Basement Systems team on and off for 14 years. She had two children in this time and wanted to pursue culinary arts. So she knows how to cook, very well! With her experience and knowledge within the company she is able to help anyone internally and externally to get the job done! 

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