Get to Know Our Employees Sequel! Tony

Thursday, April 25th, 2019 by Natasha Biggs

Next in our Get to Know Our Employees Sequel is Tony!Get to Know Our Employees Sequel! Tony - Image 1

I started off the questionnaire the same as everyone else’ with:

What Department do you work in?

“Sales and business development" he is one of the first faces our homeowners see and he does a full inspection of the home and designs the scope of work that is needed. He also attends networking events to inform others of what we do.

How many homes/customers do you interact with on average a day?


What is your favorite product or service that we offer to help homeowners?

"I really like the polylevel product we offer, our clients rave about the results and Jeff is one of the funniest guys I know." Jeff is our polylevel foreman!

What is one of the weirdest homes you have had to help?

“I would have to say today in Lethbridge might win. Buttress wall failed foundation where someone attempted to add an entrance into the basement, leading to massive structural failure. "

What home did you help that gave you the greatest joy or pride after?

"Helping my brother and his family with their high radon. I like knowing my nieces and their mother are safe, my brother is a complete jerk but I do love the others in that home." As you can see Tony is a complete jokester, he does not have a problem with his brother. He has great humor and entertains us all daily! 

Tony is great in dealing with people and is very knowledgeable in our line of work. Tony attends tradeshows as well as networking events. He is a great addition to our team and we appreciate everything he does on the daily! 

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