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Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 by Natasha Biggs

A homeowner calls in because their basement floods around the perimeter of the basement every time it rains. Once they had a free no-obligation quote from our company for a waterproofing system to be installed to help with this issue, they went ahead with the quote. Our production crew went out to install a sump pump and our interior drainage system; water guard.

Once the work was completed, the homeowners heaved a sigh of relief knowing that they have the best solution in place for when the spring rains come again.

But what can they do to make sure their new system lives a healthy and clean life? Schedule annual maintenance with our service department!

What happens at a service appointment? The service technician will change out the check valve and nine-volt battery, vacuum out any sediment and silt that is built up within the basin, then they flood test the entire system to ensure it is all working properly! Getting your sump pump serviced is like getting an oil change in your car, it helps with the longevity of the vehicle, a sump service is just that! It helps with the longevity of the system so that you do not have to worry about your basement flooding if the float switch were to get stuck, or too much sediment were to get built up and in turn, burn out the pump. We highly recommend keeping up with maintenance so that your sump pump system lives a long and healthy life! 

Call our service department today to get your sump pump system serviced. We even service sump pumps that aren't ours!

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