With winter comes snow, ice, and extreme temperatures.

With the excessive amount of snow in Calgary, AB the last few days we would like to share some of our company’s tips for practicing work safety!

Although signs of the cold can be obvious, when you are working in extreme temperatures you may not notice them as quickly. 

A few things to watch out for:

  • Shivering. To maintain a constant inner temperature in cold environments, the body will shiver to increase heat production and reduce blood flow to the skin and extremities to reduce heat loss.
  • Impaired Coordination. Loss of muscular coordination may result in slow and labored movements as well as reduced dexterity in fingers, hands, and toes.
  • Tingling. Loss of feeling or tingling in fingers and toes.
  • Confusion. Watch for unusual-umbles in yourself and your co-workers, stumbles, mumbles, fumbles, and grumbles. 

Prevention for working in extreme temperatures:

  • Stay in the sun, (if there is any present) it may help reduce windchill
  • Take breaks inside
  • Wear suitable clothing for cold conditions that can be layered and/or has high insulating properties
  • Keep footwear dry to save heat
  • Keep moving to generate body heat
  • Cover exposed skin 

When working in extreme temperatures you should expect:

Heaters as an on-site source of heat

Warm-ups as part of a schedule before and after work

Briefings on the hazards of working in the cold and the controls in place for protection

A flexible pace where workers can take extra breaks if needed

Buddy systems so no one is working alone

Adjustment periods before assigning a full work schedule

Wind protection to shield workers from drafts or winds

 Our crews work very hard whether it is inside or outside, even in the winter they are outside hauling buckets, bringing material into the home, etc. 

How should you drive in the winter weather?

  • Buckle up before you start driving
  • SLOW DOWN! Posted speed limits are for ideal travel conditions. Driving at reduced speeds is the best precautionary measure against any misfortune while driving on slippery roads. "Black ice" is invisible
  • Be Alert
  • Do not use cruise control
  • Reduce speed while approaching intersections covered with ice or snow
  • Be patient and pass other cars only when it is safe to do so
  • Give yourself extra time for travel so you are not in a panic to make it somewhere on time

We at Doug Lacey’s Basement Systems take safety seriously, and we wish everyone to be safe while working and driving on the roads in these winter conditions!

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