Protecting your home investment through one of our employees eyes, Marcie!

Protecting your home investment through one of our employees eyes, Marcie! - Image 1


We asked Marcie, who works in our appointment center scheduling all sorts of appointments, but her focus being to schedule service appointments for our existing customers, if she believes in our yearly maintenance recommendation and why.

Here’s what she said:

"I have been working in the appointment center at Doug Lacey’s Basement Systems for 3 years and schedule all the service appointments for our systems like sump pumps, Sani-dry dehumidifiers, anchor systems, etc. As a homeowner myself, I know how important it is to maintain the systems in your home – from air conditioners, furnaces, sprinkler systems and sump pumps - to make sure that you will never experience any issues in your home and that the products you spent a huge amount of money on work at their best.  I book over 2000 appointments a year to ensure that your biggest investments in your home are there for you and working at their best, so when there is an issue, you can rest assured, our products will be there to give you peace of mind.  Therefore, I am proud to work for a company that’s only concern is your home and protecting it." – Marcie

What happens when the service technician comes out to perform the service?

Our technician arrives at the home and will do an inspection of the home to ensure there are no other leaks present. Then they begin the maintenance by changing out the check valve and 9-volt battery, vacuum out any sediment and silt that could be built up within the basin, then they flood test the entire system to ensure it is all working properly! Our service technicians take pride in what they do and are very knowledgeable, should you have any questions while they are in your home, they are more than willing to answer them for you.

We went to a home for a service appointment a few years ago and their sump pump had a very bad buildup of Iron Ochre which is caused by a bacterium that is in the soil. In the presence of ferrous iron, the bacteria will form the iron ochre by oxidizing the ferrous iron. The combination of the iron compounds formed, and the bacterial slime is iron ochre... It can clog drains, pumps and stain the surrounding soil.  We recommend some homeowners have a service twice a year due to the location of their home.

We highly recommend an annual maintenance on every sump pump system. Our service department is open YEAR-ROUND. Whether we installed the system originally or not; we can still service it!

*NEW SERVICE FEE CHANGE* Starting January 2020

We are now charging 20% less than our regular service fee for new and existing customers! New Year, New Service Fees!

Call today to schedule your service appointment and Marcie will be glad to assist you!

The photo below shows a clean pump and one covered in Iron Ochre, YUCK!                                                                           

Protecting your home investment through one of our employees eyes, Marcie! - Image 1

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