Solid Ground

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 by Chad Lacey

The realization of why a solid ground/ foundation was important hit home this week.

One of the main water lines to our area of the city (SE Calgary) was compromised with the freezing and thawing that has been occurring over the past couple weeks. We know we are not alone in the city, as other areas have also experienced water main breaks. The realization of what it can do to your everyday flow and the frustration was under estimated by our staff until we all lived through it.

We could not use any water for 5 hours, this included lunch time and to make coffee, the ability to not clean the tools being returned from site and it included NOT being able to flush the toilet! The toilet of course was the worst!

What it taught us and humbled our team on was the realization of what homeowners go through when this happens to them or when they experience a flood or a sinking home that has caused a water main break. It makes your normal life not as easy as it normally is. It makes you realize how much you take flowing water for granted but it really shows the importance of having stability under our main lifelines (water and our foundation) that we may take for granted! Our foundations are the same as the city’s water mains, we need them built solid, on stable ground with the lowest possible chance of failure, issues or problems!

Making sure people never have to go through this type of experience is how we make our living and what we love to do!

You never know how much you need something until it is taken away!

 If you feel like your home is not on stable soil, please contact us today and we will test and evaluate your home for free.

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