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You go into your basement to grab dinner from the deepfreeze only to notice something that startles you… WATER, on the floor! You completely forget what you were doing to be completely distracted by the water as you have never noticed it before, or maybe you have, and it was just a little bit last time but now this time it is even worse!

You immediately think to clean it up with a towel and bucket but that isn’t helping, it just keeps seeping in. You think well there must be someone who can help me with this, maybe I should call a company to come in this time because what if next time it is even WORSE. You run upstairs to go on your computer or your cell phone to search “Waterproofing contractor” then you remember you have heard ads on the radio, on the Fan 960, something to do with water, what was their name again… Basement something, Basementy, All Things Basementy… OH YES, Doug Lacey’s Basement Systems!

You find Doug Lacey’s Basement Systems phone number and you give us a call.


The phone call: A kind woman answers the phone “It’s a great day at Basement Systems, Marcie speaking, I can help you.” You heave a sigh of relief because just her tone of voice made you feel that much better in knowing you were in good hands. “Marcie, I have water in my basement! I am unsure what to do!” Marcie kindly responds “I am sorry to hear that, let’s set up an appointment for one of our System Design Specialists to come out to your home and take a look! Water in your basement is certainly no fun at all.” You are excited because someone professional is going to come out, thank goodness!

Marcie asks you a couple of questions and schedules you into one of our System Design Specialists calendars. She informs you that you would be receiving a call-in advance from herself confirming the appointment date and time still works for you, and then from our System Design Specialist to get any directions or parking instructions from you. She also informs you that you would receive a package in the mail, containing a book and information about our company.


Day of the appointment: Our System Design Specialist softly knocks on the door. YES, the day has come for your basement to be inspected! You answer the door and invite him in, he asks for you to show him the problem you are having a long with any others, you think; wow, he is kind and truly wants to help me. You show him the leak, he does a full inspection of your basement to make sure he has not missed anything, he sits down with you to show his presentation on how and why a basement leaks, we don’t only want to help you, we want you to understand the problem and how our solutions will work to solve them.

You think, I should probably get this fixed. The Design Specialist offers you a 5% discount that we call our “Same Day Savings” you decide to take advantage of it and sign the contract the same day.

Within a day or so of signing the contract and giving a deposit, Kayla, the production coordinator calls to schedule the work in the calendar. The date she offers works perfectly for you and you are just that much more excited because you will be getting the leak in the basement repaired.


Date of repair: A production crew member knocks on your door and states their name and that they will be the foreman for the job, and should you have any questions or concerns to ask him. They get started on the repairs and update you along the way.

Once they complete the job, they show you the system they installed and make sure you understand how it works and if anything goes wrong or if you have any questions or concerns to please call the office and they would be happy to help you. They even mention that we have a fully functioning service department with three service technicians who do just that all year round: service sump pumps, including yours! The foreman recommends getting the servicing done yearly and you agree it is a good idea to have us out once a year to make sure everything is working properly and get the system cleaned out, with the check valve and 9-volt battery replaced, so you tell them you want to book a head, so you ask them to save you a spot in the service calendar for the following year.

The production crew leaves once you sign off that the job is complete.

The following day Kayla our production coordinator gives you a call to follow up on how everything went and if you had any other questions she could answer. You reply stating that everything went well, and you have no further questions, you just wanted to state how amazing the experience was throughout the entire time. Kayla replies: “that is wonderful! I will email you a copy of the paid invoice as well as any warranties that come with your system. I also have you scheduled in for your annual service appointment for next year; should you need anything in the meantime please give us a call!”

A few days go by since Doug Lacey’s Basement system had been in your home, you go into your basement to grab dinner from the deepfreeze only to notice that there is NO water present on the floor, and you are so happy you called Doug Lacey’s Basement Systems! 

*This is what a typical customer journey looks like, there are more details here and there but to make a long story short this is what you can expect when you call Doug Lacey’s Basement Systems!


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