Welcome to the Team ~ Gord Scott!

Sunday, May 10th, 2020 by Tom Malin

Welcome to the Team ~ Gord Scott! - Image 1

On April 27th, 2020, Doug Lacey's Basement Systems welcomed a new System Design Specialist to the team. We would like to take a few words now to introduce him to you!

Friends, followers, and associates, please meet - Gord Scott. 

A Bit of Background on Gord

Gord joins our company after a long career as a Power Lineman. As a Power Lineman, Gord was responsible for the installation and maintenance of electrical lines. Often Gord was working in spaces below the ground's surface, doing construction to fix lines and ensure the utilities were supported. At times, he was required to climb poles and transmission towers, while working in severe weather conditions. 

Gord's knowledge of below-grade spaces is exceptional, just as is his understanding of waterflow and soil conditions - making him a great candidate for the System Design Specialist role!

Gord's Beliefs

As Gord joined our company, we quickly realized that he was set on doing the right thing. His attitude coming into the position was that everyone should receive the same treatment, receive great advice, and be encouraged to make a decision they feel comfortable with. 


We are happy to have you here with us!



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