Crawl Space 101

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We asked our System Design Specialists for some of the common questions people ask about crawl spaces in their homes and or their vacation property...

Here are some of those:

Why do crawl spaces exist?

There are two main reasons to have a crawl space…

  1. Accessibility – for your property's utilities (like heating & A/C, plumbing, etc.) it allows you easier access to fix or replace things.
  2. Keeping costs lower – the creation of a full basement or even a full concrete pad can be very expensive as opposed to having a crawl space.

How often should you inspect crawl space?

          Ideally, you should be inspecting your crawl space every six months.

When you are inspecting or getting your crawl space inspected, things to look for:

  • Foundation damage like cracks, settling & shifting
  • Floor damage
  • Mold and mildew
  • Moisture damage like damp insulation and warped wooden beams
  • Signs of pest activity including rodents and insects
  • Plumbing issues like leaks, cracks, or corrosion
  • Issues with the wiring and electrical system

Should I worry about my crawl space?

  • Expect your crawl space to get wet during rainy damp spring & the hot and humid summer months, when precipitation is high.
  • If the humidity is more than 50% for a number of consecutive days, then you have reason to worry (A quick inspection of your walls and floor can give you a clue).
  • Look for signs of condensation, mold, and musty smells.
  • Since crawl spaces are usually more exposed to the elements than other parts of the property, there’s a lot that can go wrong down there.

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