Chinooks can affect your home as much as heavy rainfall

Chinooks can affect your home as much as heavy rainfall - Image 1


Chinooks can be great as a break from the frigid winter weather, but they can also cause issues for homeowners. Since the temperature changes so abruptly, the snow will start melting, but the soil will remain frozen. Because of this, the snow will have nowhere to go, and sometimes it may find its way into your basement or other living spaces. The effects that chinooks have on flooding can be similar to those of heavy rainfall. In Alberta chinooks are quite common. About 1 in 3 winter days is a chinook.  

Keeping up with Alberta weather is like predicting the winning lottery numbers, almost impossible, but Doug Lacey's Basement systems are here to help. By protecting your home and being proactive, you will not need to worry about any weather event, summer, or winter!  

If you are experiencing water in your home, or you are worried about potential flooding, contact us for a free estimate and inspection to ensure you are always prepared for these common Alberta weather conditions.  

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