5 things to check to ensure your sump pump is working with you, not against you.


5 things you should make sure your sump pump has to ensure a smooth operation.

1)  A Sump Pump Barrel- A sump is not suppose to be placed in just a hole in your ground, or even a 5 gallon bucket. This machine is designed to sit inside a specially crafted barrel or basin about the size of a garbage can. This basin must also have at least 50 holes on the outside to allow water in. If the water doesn't have an entry point under the ground, then it will have to travel on top of the floor to get inside of the Pump, and that completely defeats the purpose of this machine.

2) Durable Powerful Pump- I know the idea of buying a pump for super cheap to solve your problems sounds great, but the price you pay will heavily determine the quality you get. Good pumps should be able to pump an average of 2000 gallons per hour. This is the same as carrying 400 five gallon buckets out of your basement per hour! The pump is the heart of the whole sump pump. If you were to just buy the cheapest pump you can find, you could not guarantee that the pump will live up to your expectations, causing more issues in the future. The pump you get with DLBS will go above and beyond those expectations ensuring you will never have to worry again.

3) Check Valve- The check valve is a flap inside the pipe that does not allow water to flow back down the pipe and into your basement. Remember the goal is to get the water out of the basement, not to have it flow back in. This valve does just that. You must ensure you have a properly working valve to ensure you are getting the optimal use of the pump. 

4) A Solid Lid- Having a solid, tight fitting lid that can be secured down is so important. Here are just a few reasons why; Water that collects in one spot will start to evaporate. Water that evaporates will eventually have to condensate. This will raise the humidity in the house which can lead to moisture and eventually mold. Mold can cause many health issues and make the air you are breathing in unsafe. Another reason, is that the barrel without a lid is just big hole in the ground, the size of a garbage can. If anyone or anything was to fall in, it is not easy to get out. Make sure your sump pump has a solid lid.

5) A Dedicated Electrical Circuit- If you have children, you will understand that the basement becomes toy land. Most outlets are used with chargers, TV’s, gaming systems, you name it. Most of the time, the electrical activity is at its highest when it is raining outside because everyone is inside “plugged in." If the circuit is overloaded it might trip. If the breaker trips and the Sump Pump cannot turn on, it will not pump out the water. The best way to prevent this is to have a dedicated circuit for your pump. We understand that having a separate circuit may be unachievable for some people, so its equally as important to check what is on that line and make sure it is able to support the sump as well as everything else on that line.


There are also upgrades you can add to any sump pump. For example you can add a battery backup system to your pump, or even a water watch alarm system to warn you in advanced that your sump is overflowing.


To ensure your Sump Pumps are always in their prime condition, ensure to schedule a yearly service appointment so our professionals can keep your sump in check. 


If you have any concerns about your sump pump, or any concerns regarding basement waterproofing, contact Doug Lacey's Basement Systems TODAY at 1-888-844-0616 or visit our Website to schedule your FREE no-obligation quote.



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