Breathe EZ Air cleaner

The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner doesn't work by trapping dust particles in a super-fine fabric. It's actually an electrically powered air cleaner that charges particles and pulls them to its fiberglass media. Particles that enter the filter are given an electric charge that makes them "cling" to the filter. This trapping technique can work effectively with an open-weave filter that does not restrict any air flow that goes through the unit, saving you money on your energy bills! 

The Breathe EZ is also infused with carbon strips that absorb odors and chemicals that are commonly found in the air in your home. 

A standard air filter is designed to protect the blower motor that powers your forced air system, not your lungs! Can you imagine all of those little particles of bacteria and pollutants you breathe in daily while you are in your own, supposedly 'safe' home?

Your standard Air Filter is not going to trap indoor air pollutants as effectively as our Breathe EZ Air Cleaner.


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