Our IceGuard® system

When your sump pump gets filled with water, it needs somewhere to go. That’s why we have a sump pump discharge pipe that leads from your sump pump outside.

Because this discharge pipe is outside there is a really high risk that this can freeze or plug up for any reason. This will stop your sump pump from doing its job, and lead to a flooded basement even though your sump pump is running. Here in Southern Alberta, we have very unpredictable weather, and the last thing you need is a broken discharge line when a chinook hits and the snow starts melting into your basement.

Luckily for you we have a solution for that. It’s called the Ice Guard. This product is a very easy addon to your sump pump. This product allows water to escape if the pipes freeze or become blocked for any reason. Our patented design allows water to escape through its openings and it provides an exit when pipes are blocked. The best part is, is its automatic and only allows water through it when its plugged or frozen.


If you have a sump pump or are thinking about purchasing a sump pump, you should definitely consider adding on an ice guard to protect your basement even further in the long, cold winters that Alberta sees annually.


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