Our WellDuct® Window well drainage system!

When basement window wells flood, water leaks through the window into your basement. It might help to have proper grading and gutter care; however, this might not completely mitigate a leaking window. Another option would be to replace your window, but this option may be costly and impractical, and might not even solve your problem for an extended period of time. On top of this, even if you replace your window, you can’t guarantee that it will stop leaking. 

The best option for this problem would be establishing a drain out of the well and redirecting it somewhere safe. 

Our window well drainage system establishes a drain from your window well to an interior perimeter drain such as our WaterGuard® below floor drainage system. This will solve all your leaky window problems. 

Installation for this product may be easier than you think.

  • A hole is drilled through the foundation wall below the window. 
  • A strainer is installed on the outside of the hole to ensure no debris end up in your basement. 
  • The WellDuct® is fastened and sealed to the wall, creating a vertical duct from your perimeter drainage system to the window well. 
  • The WellDuct® is then connected to your perimeter drain system at the bottom, where the water can drain through the WaterGuard® below floor drainage system and into your sump pump.

If you have concerns about a leaking basement window, and want to learn more, you can call us at 1-833-436-1098 or click here to schedule a FREE quote. 


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