Understanding Street Creep: Causes and Solutions

Understanding Street Creep: Causes and Solutions - Image 1

This photo describes 3 common conditions where street creep can cause foundation damage


Living in urban environments often exposes us to various challenges related to infrastructure and the built environment. One such issue that affects many cities around the world is a phenomenon known as "street creep." In this blog post, we will delve into the details of street creep, its causes, and potential solutions to mitigate its effects.

What is Street Creep?

Street creep, is a term used to describe the gradual movement of a road or pavement surface over time. It occurs due to the combined effects of environmental factors, changes in temperature, and the presence of heavy traffic. This movement primarily affects concrete and asphalt surfaces and is characterized by the expansion and contraction of the pavement due to temperature fluctuations.

Causes of Street Creep:

  1. Temperature Variations: Fluctuations in temperature cause the pavement to expand during hot weather and contract during cold weather. This continuous expansion and contraction cycle can lead to the movement of the pavement over time.

  2. Traffic Loads: Heavy traffic loads, such as those experienced in urban areas or highways, exert pressure on the pavement surface. Over time, this constant loading and unloading can contribute to the movement of the road.

  3. Inadequate expansion joints: Expansion joints allow individual slabs to move without pushing against the garage slab and your foundation wall.

How we solve street creep:

Step 1: Expansion Joints

Installing more expansion joints in the pavement allows for controlled movement and relieves the stress caused by temperature variations. These joints accommodate the expansion and contraction of the pavement, reducing the likelihood of damage.

Step 2: Foundation wall anchors

We will install our GeoLock® Wall anchor system. These will stabilize foundation walls that have been damaged by street creep. These wall anchors install quickly with minimal disruption!


Street creep is a significant concern for urban areas, affecting both the functionality and aesthetics of the built environment. By understanding the causes, and solutions of street creep, we can work together to implement solutions and improve the longevity and value of your home. 


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