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These homeowners in Hussar, Alberta contacted us wanting to upgrade their basement flooring. The existing floors had various cracks which frequently allowed water to seep into various spots around the basement creating a damp and uninviting environment. In search of the best solution to address their concerns, and wanting regain the large amount of usable basement space, they contacted the experts at Doug Lacey's Basement Systems.

A System Design Specialist was able to visit their home, assess the situation, and provide the homeowners with a FREE, no obligation quote designed specific to address all of this homeowners concerns. Our Production Team was then able to then come to the home to install Sandstone Gray Vinyl ThermalDry® Basement Floor Systems, which are interlocking floor tiles made specifically for the basement environment. Created from 100% waterproof materials, this flooring will never rot, support mold growth, or release foul-smelling odors the way other basement carpeting does. ThermalDry® flooring is an excellent way to create a warm, comfortable, and dry basement floor. Each tile is designed to sit on raised plastic pegs, creating an airspace underneath. This airspace allows water vapor to circulate underneath and dry out, while creating a thermal break that makes the floor's surface much warmer than the cold concrete below.

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