Photo Album: Wall Anchors Installed to Straighten Wall in Lethbridge, AB

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These homeowners in Lethbridge, AB contacted us looking for a FREE, no obligation quote on a fix for their retaining wall that was tilting. Foundation walls are designed to support loads from above, not from the side. When side pressure on your walls exceeds their ability to withstand the force, they will begin to crack, bow, slide in at the bottom, and/or tilt in at the top. Rebuilding damaged walls may seem like the obvious (and expensive) answer, but even new walls will fail if the soil conditions are not changed.

Once the homeowner called Doug Lacey's Basement Systems an appointment was arranged for a System Design Specialist to visit the home and provide them with the best option for repair that we provide for this specific situation. Once the quote was finalized our Production team was able to go to the home to get to work! 

Wall anchors were the best solution to fix the problem. Walls can counteract soil pressure by anchoring walls to stable, undisturbed soil outside your home. Thanks to threaded rods that extend through the wall, wall anchors were used in this case to straighten the wall again over time. 

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