FAQs about Radon ft. Curt Drew of National Radon Defense

Doug Lacey's Basement Systems sits down with President and Owner of National Radon Defense, Curt Drew, to talk about Radon.

List of All Questions:

0:44 | What is Radon?

1:21 | How do you explain what Radon is to someone that has been living in their home for 20+ years?

2:27 | Are there any other health effects? (Other than Cancer)

3:32 | Why does the U.S seem to have higher Radon readings than Canada?

4:33 | If Canada had a lower "Safe" Radon level, would we have more Radon cases?

4:57 | What is a Becquerel?

5:38 | What is it, specifically, from the ground that is causing Radon?

7:16 | Are Children more at risk V.S Adults?

10:20 | What else would you be worried about if you were building a new home?

11:30 | How is the Radon entering my home?

12:52 | Should we be worried about the drinking water?

13:30 | Should we be worried about the Radium Hot Springs?

14:05 | How will Radon affect my Granite Counter Tops?

14:44 | How do I test for Radon?

16:19 | How can I start reducing the amount of Radon in my home?

17:06 | Why is it a benefit to be an existing customer of Doug Lacey's Basement Systems?

18:05 | If you were to install a Radon Mitigation System from scratch, how much would it cost?

18:30 | How often does the Radon Mitigation System need to be serviced?

19:08 | What are the other 2 ways to remove Radon from your home?

21:16 | Alberta usually has a lot of smoke in the air. How long do the Breathe EZ Air Filters last?

23:00 | Who can install Breathe EZ Filters?

23:23 | Should you test for Radon at different times of the year? Or Monitor the Radon levels continuously?

26:29 | What are the "Safe" Radon levels around the world?

27:19 | Is it mandatory for Landlords to have their rental property tested for Radon?

28:27 | Why is it better to test for Radon in the Winter opposed to testing during the Summer?

31:29 | Are there any signs that I have Radon in my home?

32:05 | Do you think there would be a benefit to being able to write off having a Radon Mitigation System?

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Visit our website to learn more about Radon: https://www.basementsystemscalgary.com/radon-gas-mitigation.html

or Visit: https://www.nationalradondefense.com/



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