Restoring a Water Damaged Basement| Ask the Expert

In this episode of Ask the Expert, a customer in Calgary asks owner Doug Lacey, what her options are to restoring a finished basement that was recently damaged by flood.

Doug explains that Calgary Basement Systems offers a complete solution to not only restore the basement after waterproofing, but also to protect them from damage, should the basement ever flood again.

After a flooding episode, usually only part of the drywall is damaged (lower portion). So instead of stripping the entire wall, Calgary Basement Systems will cut and remove the damaged drywall, studs and insulation and install the WaterGuard drainage system and the sump pump system. With the waterproofing system in place they offer the EverLast Basement Wall Restoration System - a system that is comprised of a 100% waterproof and inorganic cement core board that adds a beautiful finish with a vinyl layer that is easy to clean and maintain. Waterproof trims complement the system to give your basement the high end look you expect.

For the flooring, the company offers the ThermalDry flooring and subflooring tiles: 100% waterproof, interlocking, floating tiles that can be installed straight against the concrete without the need for any subflooring. The walking surface is raised from the slab by the system of pegs, creating an air pocket underneath the tile. This air pocket allows moisture from the slab to dry, and creates a thermal break between the cold concrete and your feet. The surface of the ThermalDry is always 10 degrees warmer than the concrete.
ThermalDry comes in different finishes including carpet, vinyl tile, and faux wood parquet. If individual tiles get worn, stained or damaged, you can simply replace them, without disturbing the surrounding tiles.

For customers who want a carpet in the basement, there is the unfinished ThermalDry subflooring tile -- with all the advantages of the finished tiles and are designed specifically for regular padding, carpet or laminate flooring.

Cleaning up ruined, moldy finishing materials after a basement flood is no laughing matter. "We make sure you will never have to do that again." -- explains Doug.

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