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In this episode of Ask the Expert, Doug explains to a customer what makes their sump pumps so much better and more effective than anything offered by the competition.

The first line of defense against a basement flood is a good sump pump; but the typical sump pump is prone to failure due to the electronic aspect of the device. To make matters even more complicated, is that the weather of Southern Calgary may only need the services of a sump pump only four months a year, and often, after long periods of remaining idle, the sump pump might not be in good shape to work when you need it most.

Doug Lacey always recommends having at least one backup pump, but if you are serious about reducing the odds of a basement flood to a statistical insignificance, the best option available in the industry is the company’s TripleSafe Sump Pump System. The TripleSafe has not one, but two backup pumps – one of which is a battery operated unit that will keep your basement dry in case of a power outage.

Also, because the winter in Calgary can be very cold, it is important to make sure that the sump pump is capable of getting the water out of your basement, even if the discharge line is frozen. That’s why Calgary Basement Systems offers a discharge line attachment called IceGuard, that will allow the water to pour out of the system when ice clogs the discharge pipe. 

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