Four-Step Solution for Moldy Crawl Spaces | Ask the Expert

In this episode of Ask the Expert, a customer from Taber, AB asks the owner of Calgary Basement Systems, Doug Lacey, how his company can turn wet, humid and moldy crawl space environments into clean, healthy and mold free spaces?

Doug explained that Calgary Basement Systems offers a four step solution to effectively address all the sources of moisture in a crawl space with the CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System.

  1. Provide adequate drainage to keep water from accumulation under the house, by installing the SmartPipe crawl space drainage system and the SmartSump sump pump system.
  2. Line the walls and floors with a 20mil, puncture proof, UV treated liner: the CleanSpace Vapor Barrier, and seal it completely to isolate the entire space from ground and air moisture.
  3. Close the crawl space vents with air tight covers to prevent moisture and outside air from coming into the space.
  4. Condition the crawl space with the SaniDry CX, a powerful dehumidifier, developed specifically for crawl space environments. This energy efficient dehumidifier is virtually maintenance free. Once set, it will monitor and control humidity levels in the crawl space year round, and you will never have to empty a dehumidifier tray. The unit empties itself into the sump pit.

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