Basement Waterproofing Photo Album: Foundation Crack Repair and TripleSafe™ Sump Install in Olds, AB

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This new homeowner in Olds, Alberta had noticed that their foundation had a few cracks in it. Wanting to take a proactive approach to the situation they wanted to repair the current cracks, prevent any more cracks from forming in the future and also have a solution set in place if water did happen to leak into the basement. Looking to have these needs met, they contacted the experts at Doug Lacey's Basement Systems.

A System Design Specialist was able assess the situation and provide the homeowners with a FREE, no obligation quote designed specific to address all of the homeowners concerns. The foundation cracks were then repaired by our Service Team utilizing a Polyurethane Resin injection, followed by reinforcing the cracks with CarbonArmor®.  CarbonArmor® are a series of strips that are secured across the crack significantly improving the overall stability of the wall. In order to prevent cracks from occurring in the future the Service Team had also secured strips of CarbonArmor® to the foundation that went from the ceiling to the floor. This will provide even more stability to the foundation walls than just having the first measure in place. To prevent flooding in the basement our Production Team had installed a TripleSafe™sump pump systemOur most reliable sump pump system, the TripleSafe™ provides three levels of protection for your basement and your peace of mind. For normal functioning, the TripleSafe™ has a powerful, cast-iron Zoeller® horsepower sump pump set at the lowest level. For heavy volumes of water or in case of primary pump failure, a second, more powerful Zoeller® ½ hp pump set a bit higher in the liner will take over. In case of a power outage, our UltraSump® battery backup sump pump, set at the highest level, will pump 11,500 gallons or more on a fully charged battery.

This homeowner can now feel more at ease having these preventative measures in place to protect their new home.


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