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What Does a ThermalDry® Radiant Wall Barrier do?:

The ThermalDry® Wall system protects your finished basement from moisture and water that passes through concrete foundation walls. This product serves as both a vapor barrier and also as a way to redirect water leaking through the basement walls into your drainage system below.

What makes ThermalDry® Wall really unique is its ability to also make your home a more comfortable, energy-efficient space. Its heat-reflective surface will bounce 97% of the heat back into your home -- saving you a bundle!

Installation Time:

ThermalDry® Wall installs in a basement quickly, usually in less than a day. You can use or finish your basement as soon as it's installed.

ThermalDry® Wall will ensure your home is a more comfortable and affordable place to live. If you'd like to keep heat in your home with our radiant barriers, call us today!

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