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Doug Lacey's Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Medicine Hat. Learn more about Doug Lacey's Basement Systems's recent work requests in Medicine Hat and nearby areas!

Learn more about Doug Lacey's Basement Systems' recent work requests in Medicine Hat, AB
Vicinity of Stone Cres SE in Medicine Hat
Having some water seepage in my furnace room, seems to be creating a damp smell as the fresh air intake is blowing that around the house. House was inspected at purchase (3 years ago in Aug) but need it evaluated to see how serious the problem is.
Vicinity of Smeaton Avenue SE in Medicine Hat
Our basement has framing with insulation up on the exterior walls. There is white marks coming in from the exterior walls and am wondering what the marks are and how to deal with them before finishing the basement.
Vicinity of in Medicine Hat
Tree trunk pushing against fence and sidewalk, sidewalk pushing against wall, wall crack developed from corner of window. If work is to be done from outside of house then enlarging basement window to meet code egress regulations should be done at same time.
Vicinity of Southridge Crescent SW in Medicine Hat
In regards to your basement wall system - does the insulation value meet the criteria to qualify for the city, provincial and federal rebate incentives available? As well can you give me an approximate comparison cost wise in regards to using regular drywall and insulation? Thank you
Vicinity of Somerset Road SE in Medicine Hat
Would like an estimate on finishing walls and ceiling for 830 sq ft basement. Currently the basement is insulated and drywalled. Is it possible that we wouldn't have to tear down the drywall?
Vicinity of Rossland Ave. SE in Medicine Hat
Looking for a complete sump pump install estimate. I have no pit or anything. Thanks
Vicinity of Southridge Cres. SW in Medicine Hat
Would like an estimate on waterproofing my basement and what alternatives are available to stop it from flooding.
Vicinity of Stevenson Street SE in Medicine Hat
Our neighbor across the street referred you to us. He mentioned that when he initially hired you guys the government was giving grants to assist people who have flooded. We are hoping that this will be the case due to this month's situation. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Medicine Hat
Hello I recently purchased my home and have found out that my foundation is sinking, it is a home built in 1910, and the brick is foundation i noticed that you do free estimates and was wondering if someone could come take a look. Thank you Victoria
Vicinity of in Medicine Hat
We have an extension with a crawlspace that has cracks in the foundation and is shifting.
Vicinity of Stratton Way in Medicine Hat
We have a finished basement with sump pump. Have had a flood twice in the last 3 years. Have been told we have weeping tile outside but sump pump failed first time and could not cope with spring run off last time
Vicinity of Somerset Road SE in Medicine Hat
Me and my husband's basement is unfinished, it is framed and insolated we are looking for an affordable way of finishing walls, floors and ceiling without drywall mess. We have 1 bedroom, 1 bath, laundry room, family room and crawl space.
Vicinity of E Minto Ave. in Medicine Hat
This is at a small church in a section The floor tile is cracking and the surface of the concrete is crumbling and white you can pick it up with your fingers along the joints,. It is 40 or more years old Ithink the drain for sink is in vicinity.
Vicinity of Terrace Close NE in Medicine Hat
3 yr old modified bi-level. First thing noticed was cracked drywall above some counters. "Fixed" once and already cracked again, then pointed out a large crack in the parging on the other side of the house to the builder.Even then I raised the concern that it may extend to the foundation. Now I know it does because water has penetrated and pools in the basement. Said crack is located on the corner of a large lower window.
Vicinity of Kensington Ave Sw in Medicine Hat
We would like to book a time when someone could come and fill some cracks in our foundation.

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