Sump Pump Systems

Thursday, February 16th, 2017 by Neil McElmon

Sump Pump Systems

- a pit or hollow in which liquid collects, in particular.
- a depression in the floor of a mine or basement in which water collects. 

- a mechanical device using suction or pressure to raise or move liquids

Commonly found in the basement of homes, sump pumps are used to remove excess water collected in the home. Often installed as the result of basement & foundation flooding, these systems can be (and we highly recommend they be) installed as a preventive measure to ensure homeowners piece of mind in their home investment. Hydro-static pressure building up around the homes foundation walls, as well as under the basement floor slab can often time cause flooding in the basement, leaving the homeowner with a big mess, as well as the cost of replacing building materials and/or personal items. Having the right sump pump system in place can help eliminate this hydro-static pressure by pumping the excess water to the exterior of the home, away from the foundation walls.

We here at Doug Lacey's Basement Systems are proud to offer industry leading, patented sump pump systems ... complete with warranty! All of our sump pump systems include the following features:

  • WaterWatch® Alarm: Sounds off to let you know if water has risen past the point where the pumps should have turned on.
  • SuperLiner Sump Liner: Large enough to keep your sump pump working properly without turning on and off repeatedly, but not so large that your liner goes too deep, making your sump pump wear out prematurely as it pumps out unnecessary water.
  • Airtight Sump Lid: An airtight lid keeps odors and humidity out, while protecting your sump from debris from the basement floor. Rubber grommets around all pipes and wires help maintain the airtight lid and also help to keep all PVC pipes steady and quiet.
  • CleanPump Stands: These sump pump stands are installed to raise the pumps off of the bottom of the liner. Any silt or sediment that settles on the bottom of your sump pit will be kept away from your pump. These stands also allow for height adjustment of the pump if necessary.

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