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Doug Lacey's Basement Systems Q&A

Can you fix a crack within a cement block (cinder block) basement foundation?

One of our trained System Design Specialists can meet you at your home for a free no obligation inspection of your property and provide you with a quote on the required work.  If a block wall has cracks running on a stair step pattern, or if there is movement in the wall, (tipping/shearing/leaning) we are looking at a structural repair.  If there is no concern with the structure and we are looking to prevent water infiltration, we have wall systems that can be fixed to the block walls and have the water seepage directed into your perimeter drain and away from your finished space.


Can you waterproof a basement from the inside?

Yes!  The patented products that Basement Systems use are designed to be installed on the interior of your basement.  The key advantage with working from the inside is we are away from the soils that can cause an exterior drainage system to clog and fail.  When we install our patented WaterGuard system around your basement and drain to one of our sump systems your basement will carry a lifetime warranty against groundwater seepage that is fully transferable should you decide to sell your home.

How to fix basement wall cracks, drill into the wall?

Polyurethane Injection is a repair process in which a resin is injected into a foundation crack, hole, joint or another opening in the concrete. The resin reacts with water to form an effective flexible waterproof seal within the wall. In order to inject the resin, holes are drilled into the wall at an angle to intersect the crack halfway within the wall. High pressure injection ports are then securely installed into the wall. Next the polyurethane resin is pumped through the ports into the crack.

How to get moisture out of basement?

The SaniDry Sedona offers giant performance in a small package. It's the world's most efficient, high-performance dehumidifier, without a bulky heat exchange core. The Sedona easily fits in small crawl spaces and basements, yet has a powerful blower to effectively dry large areas. The Sedona keeps the relative humidity below 55%.

What is radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas found naturally in the environment. It is produced by the decay of uranium found in soil, rock or water. Radon is invisible, odorless and tasteless and emits ionizing radiation. As a gas, radon can move freely through the soil enabling it to escape to the atmosphere or seep into buildings. Testing for radon in your home is easy, and inexpensive to do. If need, a radon remediation system can be installed in your home relatively easily within a few hours.

What is the solution for water seeping in basement floor?

By stopping water at the point where it enters the structure.  Since most basements flood from the wall-floor joint, one of the most common ways to stop the flooding is to install a perimeter drainage system along the edge of the basement floor. This would collect the water and direct it to a sump pump, which would then discharge it out of your home.

What is weeping tile?

Weeping tile (also called a drain tile or perimeter tile) is a porous pipe used for underground water collection or discharge. Often used for water drainage near basement foundations as a part of basement waterproofing, where they are called a French drain.

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