Do you have foundation cracks, sticking windows or uneven floors?

Friday, April 6th, 2018 by Natasha Biggs

 Do you have foundation cracks, sticking windows or uneven floors? - Image 1

Foundation and drywall cracks, sticking windows and doors, uneven floors… Do any of these sound familiar to you? Maybe in your OWN home?!

Might as well just leave it and wait until it gets to be a an even bigger problem, right?!

NO!!! Save one of your greatest investments!

What can Doug Lacey's Basement Systems do to help rectify these issues?

Our Supportworks Push Piers are made of steel and are driven deep into the soil beneath a foundation to solve settlement problems that are causing one or more of the issues listed above!

There are many issues that can cause sticking windows and doors, the two most common foundation-related causes are settlement and crawl space supports that have shifted, settled, or deteriorated.

Foundation piers can be used to repair settlement issues, while crawl space jacks are a good solution for sagging floors over crawl spaces.

Product Features:

  • Year-Round Installation
  • Warrantied for 25 Years
  • Galvanized Steel Design Available
  • Below-Grade Solution -- Not Visible After Completed Installation
  • Piers Reach Greater Depths Than Any Other Repair Option
  • Provides Opportunity to Attempt To Lift Foundation Back To Original Position

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