Get to Know Our Employees Sequel! Feiross

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019 by Natasha Biggs

Next in our Get to Know Our Employees Sequel is Feiross!

Get to Know Our Employees Sequel! Feiross - Image 1

I started off the questionnaire the same as everyone else’ with:

What Department do you work in?

“Service" he is one of our service technicians. He goes to the home to perform maintenance's for our existing customers and new customers who do not have our sump pump installed! 

How many homes/customers do you interact with on average a day?

"3-4 per day."

What is your favorite product or service that we offer to help homeowners?

"Waterguard and Triplesafe sump pump, as it protects the whole basement."

What is one of the most intersting homes you have had to help?

“A customer in Discovery ridge, he had major flooding and water issues in his backyard. It was like a swamp. We were able to install an exterior sump basin and drainage and now the backyard is useable again."

What home did you help that gave you the greatest joy or pride after?

"The customer who I helped in the question above, he was very happy with the end result. As was I!" 

Feiross has been with our team for 5 years! He is a great asset to our Service department and has been trained thoroughly to get the job done; the right way. He is always looking out for what is best suited for the customer.  

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