Top 20 for 2020!

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 by Natasha Biggs


With it being a New Year, you may have made some personal goals, why not make some goals for your home as well? The list below shows some items to look at, in and around your home to make sure you are not going to experience any issues in the future!

Top 20 for 2020! 

1. Clean eaves troughs and downspouts to prevent improper drainage

2. Check any concrete or grade on the exterior of your home to make sure it is not sloping towards your home’s foundation

3. Check if your windows have condensation

4. Cracks in the basement floor?

5. Cracks in the foundation, or a foundation that is bowing?

6. Creaking floors, sticking windows or doors that are hard to close?

7. If you have an existing sump pump, does it have a air tight, sealed lid?

8. Do you have a battery back up for your existing sump pump system?

9. Does your home have a musty smell or high humidity levels?

10. Service your sump pump! We service all sump pumps whether we installed it or not

11. Cold basement?

12. Dirty, cold, musty crawlspace?

13. Water or moisture in the basement?

14. Retaining wall that is sloping or unstable?

15. Sinking sidewalk, front steps or driveway?

16. Void under sidewalk or driveway?

17. Cold unfinished basement?

18. Bad drainage in the garage?

19. A sump pump that is not working well or at all?

20. Number 20 is simple, if you have any of the issues above or all of them please give us a call and set up an appointment for a FREE no obligation inspection and quote.

Thinking the cost of these repairs may be too much in a lump sum? We also offer financing! 

Financing information:

Let us help you accomplish your homes New Years goals this year! 

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