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In this episode of Ask the Expert, owner Doug Lacey helps a customer from Lacombe, Alberta understand the many options offered by Calgary Basement Systems to repair a sinking foundation.

The SmartJack system is an adjustable supplemental support system that was specially designed to repair crawl spaces with sagging beams and floors, as well as replacing decaying or poorly designed posts. The SmartJack System can stabilize and in most cases lift sagging crawlspaces back into their original position.

For settling concrete foundations, Calgary Basement Systems offers two types of foundation pier systems: push piers and helical piers.

Push piers are installed by digging out the foundation and then driving steel piles deep into the ground down to a load bearing strata. Once the structure is supported on compact soil, a system of braces tied to the piles uses the weight of the house to lift it back up to stable ground.

Lighter structures can be supported and lifted by helical piers, where they are driven into the ground as a large screw, without excavation. 

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