Basement Waterproofing Photo Album: Installing a SmartSump™ and a TrenchDrain™ Grated Drainage Pipe System in SW Calgary, AB

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The owners of this conference centre in Southwest Calgary, Alberta encountered issues with a leaking crack located in the basement wall. Cracks in foundation walls are common in homes throughout Alberta. Usually a side effect of the natural curing process of concrete, however when they leak they can cause a lot of mess and headache. They also noticed that their current drainage system, that is located at the bottom of their stairwell, wasn't draining properly thereby causing the water to pool. In search of the best solution to address their concern, and protect their home investment, these homeowners contacted the experts at Doug Lacey's Basement Systems.

 A System Design Specialist was able assess the situation and provide the owners with a FREE, no obligation quote on upgrading their drainage system to the TrenchDrain™ Grated Drainage Pipe System. The TrenchDrain™ resembles half of a basement drainage pipe, with a grated opening fitted snugly on top. The grate is flush or slightly below the floor, eliminating any tripping hazard. It is uniquely designed to span doorways, hatchway entrances, and similar entryway doors. Any water passing over the drain is collected through the openings and redirected to the sump pump system in place. The Production Team had installed the SmartSump™ System which comes equipped with a 1/3 horsepower cast-iron Zoeller® sump pump. This sump pump is capable of pumping 2,500 gallons per hour which is more than enough for the current situation.

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