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A quick look into the process of Installing a Radon Mitigation System.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that has become the second-leading cause of lung cancer -- second only to cigarette smoke.

Most soils contain uranium that, over time, decays to produce radium and polonium. Eventually, polonium is released with the radon, which creates a high toxicity level in the air and water that it infuses. Perhaps some homeowners are thinking they could recognize high levels of radon in their home. Unfortunately, radon is completely undetectable with any human senses.

If you believe that radon gas is intruding into your home, it's time to take action against it. Doug Lacey's Basement Systems of Alberta can help you, by providing radon testing and a quote on the cost of a radon mitigation system in your home.

It's easier than ever to get your home tested for a radon problem! Doug Lacey's Basement Systems can perform an inspection and conduct a radon test in your home in as little as two days!

We service all of Southern Alberta!

Radon Facts:
•Radon is an odorless gas produced by uranium decay in rocks and soil.
•Found in every province.
•Homes with crawl spaces a high risk for radon issues.
•Estimated to cause 3,000 lung cancer-related deaths annually.
•Radon level at which a mitigation system is needed: 200 Bq/m³.
•Low-level radon exposure over time is more harmful than short periods of high-level exposure.
•Radon concentrations are up to ten times higher during the winter.

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