Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

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Waterguard installation in Nanton, AB

This customer was having some issues regarding water pooling in his basement causing damage to his walls. Our team decided to recommend a WaterGuard® below ground drainage systems. This systems has the ability to direct water to the right place, while also being clog resistant and easy to repair/clean. These customers no longer had a wet basement and were glad they decided to go with DLBS!

WaterGuard® installed to stop foundation footing flooding in Calgary AB

This customer contacted us online and told us that he was worried because water was entering his basement from between the floor and the wall, but he wasn't 100% sure. He mentioned that the water could be coming in from the windows or the extension that they added onto their home. We sent a System Design Specialist to go and determine what was causing the water to enter the basement.  He determined that the water was in fact coming from the foundation footing (between the floor and the wall). The solution was to install a WaterGuard® below-floor drain and a Sump Pump to pump the water out. Once that was installed, this customer did not have to worry about water entering his basement anymore!

Waterguard installation in Calgary

These homeowners have a tunnel underground in their home that connects their home to their garage. They were experiencing water pooling, so they contacted us. We installed a sump pump, CleanSpace and our WaterGuard! 

Large wall crack in this Calgary, AB basement

This customer contacted us because they noticed this one large wall crack in their Calgary Alberta basement. They called us immediately because they wanted to ensure the crack was fixed properly and by a trusted professional. They had previously got us to repair their failing retaining wall, and were so happy with the experience that it was a no brainer when they noticed another foundation problem. We installed our ArmorLock® wall stitches. Epoxy is applied to seal the crack, and then the wall stitches are installed to reinforce the crack. 

Full waterproofing for this Calgary, AB basement

This customer contacted us because the foundation footing in his Calgary, AB home would leak every time it rained. He contacted us because he wanted the problem solved for good, and he knows that we promise peace of mind forever! We installed our CleanSpace® vapor barrier to ensure no moisture enters the basement, a WaterGuard® below-floor drain to capture water around the perimeter of the basement, and a TripleSafe Sump Pump to send the water outside! 

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